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We are developing the next generation AI Search Engine Powered by Mohawk Search. Stay tuned for more!

Insight. Foresight. Technical Edge.

There's more to it than just simple search. We are using cutting edge technology to develop custom made AI search engine for you.

GPU acceleration

We are in the process of making GPU accelerated machine learning / AI programs.

Acer et fortis

Aiming to make computers feel and think using Deep Learning Tech (Coming soon)

Tsubasa Kato


More than just smart, interactivity.

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Bring the future technologies have a technological edge right NOW.

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x = forever;

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Accelerating the speed of machine's intelligence.

with Quantum Leaps...

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Click here for Search Engine (SuperAI Search)
Click here for Demo 1 (Demo Powered by API.AI)
Click here for Demo 2 (Text to Speech & Firebase backend)
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Reimagine the web with SuperAI.online.

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